Commissioned by Columbia music, I captured the live, raw energy of Lea Michele in the studio at Pulse Recording. Here she is laying down the alternate, acoustic version of her mega-hit "Cannonball", from her 2014 album, Louder.

"We absolutely LOVE IT!"


 - Perez Hilton



"The stripped down version is far removed from the heavily-produced pop track she officially released on December 19, perfectly demonstrating her impressive range and vocal ability and allowing her true talent to shine without overpowering it.


And it seems that her fans agree, with nothing but gushing messages of support upon its release." 


- Daily Mail UK



"The entire acoustic video is done in black and white and features Michele simply singing the song with others, smiling and laughing at points, and the whole effect is just so powerful. It says, “I’m a survivor. I’ve done what I do best: survive.” It says that she’s found, if not happiness, then at least a center of peace. It says so much more than her original music video, which mostly featured a heavily glammed up Michele alternating between angst and sexiness." 


- Bustle